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The holy house guarded in Loreto
Where: Loreto

If there are so many sanctuaries and churches that dot Italy, and many of these are dedicated to the Virgin Mary, none can compare to the Basilica of Loreto. The historic core of this sacred building, which originated in the thirteenth century, is in the so-called Holy House... more

Villa Minozzo, a green setting on the Apennines
Where: Villa Minozzo
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Located on the Reggio Apennines, the territory of Villa Minozzo is large and green, as well as steeped in history and culture. One of the oldest buildings is the Rocca del Melocio, an imposing defensive structure that dominates what was once the border between the exarchate of... more

Atella to discover
Where: Atella
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In the heart of the Vitalba valley, on the slopes of Mount Vulture, in the province of Potenza, stands Atella; located 500 meters above sea level, it has 3900 inhabitants. Founded between 1320 and 1330 it experienced the domination of the Angevins, still today clearly visible to... more

Middle Ages and architecture in Caporciano
Where: Caporciano

The small medieval village of Caporciano is a tourist destination of absolute value, part of the mountain community 'Campo Imperatore - Piana dei Navelli'. Located more than eight hundred meters above the sea level, the inhabited center preserves numerous historic buildings. The... more

Maratea, between sky and sea
Where: Maratea
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Undisputed pearl of Basilicata, Maratea is located in the province of Potenza at 300 meters above sea level and has 5,500 inhabitants. Your visit can only begin with the statue of Christ the Redeemer, completed in 1965, the best known monument in the city. Symbol of rebirth,... more

The collections of the Textile Museum of Prato
Where: Prato

Prato is a city in Tuscany famous above all for textile manufacturing, a sector in which the municipality has been at the forefront for many centuries, since the Middle Ages. This is the reason why today in Prato you can visit the Textile Museum, which is located together with... more

Castiglion Fiorentino
Where: Castiglion Fiorentino
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Castiglion Fiorentino, in the province of Arezzo is the orange flag of the Italian Turin Club. The Torre del Cassero is the main symbol of the city, it stands in the oldest area and was built on the basis of a previous Etruscan construction in 1350 during the Perugian... more

I absorb
Where: Assoro
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Assoro is an ancient city in Sicily, in the province of Enna. The city was founded by the Sicilians, on Mount 'La Stella'. During its history the city did not suffer any interference from the Greek side. In 396 a. C, was the only city to side with the Syracusans opposing the... more

Rufina the wine country
Where: Rufina
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Rufina is a famous wine production center that rises along the left bank of the Sieve river. The inhabited center is crossed by the state road 67 that connects Florence to Romagna, an ancient road that has allowed the creation of important commercial centers along its axis. The... more

The magic of Osimo
Where: Osimo

Osimo is a charming town of 34,000 inhabitants in the province of Ancona. The town was originally inhabited by the ancient Piceni population and then passed to the dominion of the Roman Empire of which several traces remain such as the imposing walls, the archaeological site of... more

The Sanctuary of the Scala Santa in Campli
Where: Campli

Campli is a town of 7,000 inhabitants in the province of Teramo and is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. As well as for its architectural beauties, the town is famous for local food and wine products, in particular porchetta and truffles. Its territory was... more

Where Divisionism lived.
Where: Tortona

The divisionist pictorial current was born at the end of the 19th century and was joined by Turin painters including Pellizza da Volpedo, Barabino's master. Their paintings are superfine dots of color that interact with each other, outlining precise expressions, with soft edges.... more

The beauties of Ponzano Veneto
Where: Ponzano Veneto

Ponzano Veneto is a town of nearly 13,000 inhabitants a short distance from Treviso. It consists of three hamlets: Ponzano, Merlengo and Paderno. The town has Roman origins but there are braids that show that this territory was already inhabited in the Paleovenetian era. An... more

The ravine of Pre-Saint-Didier and the castle of Fenis
Where: Pre Saint Didier (Pre-Saint-Didier)
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Visiting the territories that expand around Mont Blanc means being able to have important experiences both in nature and in history, in art and culture. Pre-Saint-Didier is a small charming village, very well kept, famous above all because in its municipality there is a ravine... more

The Passo del Rombo, an exciting itinerary for cyclists and motorcyclists
(Passo del Rombo)
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The Passo del Rombo (or Timmelsjoch, in German) is an alpine pass that connects the Val Passiria with the Ötztal. The route is limited only to cars, motorcycles, bicycles and small caravans or trucks; this since the route is characterized by narrow sharp-angled curves and a... more

The bells of the San Benedetto del Tronto tower
Where: San Benedetto Del Tronto (San Benedetto del Tronto)

In San Benedetto del Tronto a historic monument dating back to the 13th century stands on the fortress. It is a crenellated tower known as Torre dei Gualtieri, which still functions today as a civic tower. On its top there are in fact some bells, among which dominates the big... more

The famous ice cream truffle of Pizzo
Where: Pizzo Calabro (Pizzo)
wine and food   

The dessert par excellence that is linked to the name of the city of Pizzo is the so-called 'truffle', which has nothing to do with the homonymous land product except for its appearance. It is said that this dessert was invented by a master ice cream maker originally from... more

One of the religious festivals most felt by the inhabitants of Settefrati: The descent of the Madonna di Canneto
Where: Settefrati

Every year, in August, the Madonna di Canneto is celebrated in Settefrati with a series of codified rites that are repeated unchanged year after year. The festival opens on August 14 with the traditional 'calata'. The icon of the Madonna, a statue kept in a reliquary, is brought... more

The ancient history and the new life of the mines of Saint Marcel
Where: Saint Marcel
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A very interesting site in Saint Marcel are the mines of Servette, active since the Middle Ages and remained operational until the early 1950s. These mines were first used to extract millstones. These stones, once the mills were closed, became important structural elements of... more

A moment of cohesion and solidarity: the Tortello Festival in Vigolzone
Where: Vigolzone
events    wine and food   

In Vigolzone every year there is a party that lasts for several days and to which the influx of people is always very strong. This is the Tortello Festival, which intends to celebrate this typical dish but which also includes many other initiatives. At the center of the event is... more