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When wood becomes music.

Where: san-marino
(Centro storico di San Marino città.)
Genre: events    culture   folklore   

The house of music is a place where every violinist can refer to try, evaluate or borrow violins with different sound souls. The violin has been a focus of research since 1500, when it was born in the Brescia luthier area. The type of wood, the workmanship and the width of the case followed different paths within each shop. The interaction with the musician who saw the music being born in the theaters, where the music had to reach the audience up to the last stands, acted as a guide. In the museum violins are collected from 1700 until 1950 and are the result of in-depth research finding the best instrument of each author. Here we perceive the work of preparing the wood, choosing the thickness, color and chemistry. The latter in particular played a fundamental role in the sound sweetness of the Stradivari, treated with potassium and calcium silicates. The collection started by the local lutherie of Capocchioni does not remain closed in the display cases but is still performed on the fingers of Akiko Yatani, violinist of excellence, who with simplicity and love gives the instruments to visiting children on trial.

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