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The picturesque Saint Denis

Where: saint-denis
(Saint Denis)
Genre: culture   

Saint Denis is a small town in the Aosta Valley with a population of about 370 inhabitants. The town is characterized by the typical mountain dwellings of stone and wood and its economy is mainly based on agriculture and tourism. Here you can make beautiful excursions immersed in nature or visit the many farms where fontina is produced, which is a typical cheese of this area. Other excellent products are the thyme herb used in the preparation of focaccia and wine. The town exploits a lot of renewable energy and in this regard several photovoltaic panels and wind power plants have been installed on its territory. There are associations that deal with maintenance interventions on the paths and relief in the event of natural disasters. Other associations, on the other hand, organize interesting sporting, religious and gastronomic events such as a festival dedicated to bread which takes place in September. Typical Valle d'Aosta sports are also practiced such as Tsan, Fiolet, Palet and Rebatta. The symbolic monument of Saint Denis is the imposing Castle of Cly dating back to the year 1000. Inside there is a Romanesque chapel dedicated to San Maurizio of great historical value.

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