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Getting to know Alba
Where: Alba
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Alba is a Piedmontese center in the province of Cuneo; located at 172 meters, it has 31,000 inhabitants. It is the cultural, social and economic epicenter of the Langhe, that is the vast hilly territory limited by the Tanaro and the Bormida; land of extraordinary colors, smells... more

The beauties of Avigliano Umbro
Where: Avigliano Umbro

Avigliano Umbro is a small town of 2650 inhabitants in the province of Terni. It consists of the capital which is located on the Colle di San Rocco and four hamlets: Santa Restituta, Sismano, Toscolano and Dunarobba. In the latter there is the Fossil Forest consisting of about... more

Byzantium in Ravenna

Ravenna is a provincial capital of Emilia; it has 152,000 inhabitants and boasts an extraordinary history. In 404 it became the seat of imperial power and its extraordinary monuments are now a world heritage site. We limit ourselves here to only two masterpieces of Byzantine... more

The largest living nativity scene
Where: Panettieri
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If you are in Calabria during the Christmas period, go to Panettieri where a majestic living nativity scene is set up. Almost the entire population is involved in the scenographic construction of Bethlehem at the time of Jesus. The figures are hundreds and with them the setting... more

Environment and history of Città Sant'Angelo
Where: Citta Sant Angelo (Città Sant'Angelo)
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On a hill 18 km from Pescara stands the Borgo di Sant'Angelo. As the video tells, the area that surrounds it is crossed by sea currents and their climate or by cooler inland currents. The territory is suited to agriculture and in every season the ripe fruits border the hilly... more

Discover Lucca
Where: Lucca

Lucca is a Tuscan provincial capital, located just 19 meters above sea level, has 83,000 inhabitants. It boasts a complex history, which began as a Ligurian settlement, then Etruscan, later a Roman colony, then the capital of Tuscia and capital of the Marquisate of Tuscany in... more

Ivrea, the industrial city of Olivetti, a UNESCO heritage site
Where: Ivrea
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Ivrea is a Piedmontese town which since 2018 is the 54th Italian Unesco site. The area of the town that earned this important recognition is the industrial city created by the visionary mind of Adriano Olivetti, a well-known Italian businessman and politician. The city was built... more

Two pearls of the external Giudicarie valley: the castle of Stenico and the Terme di Comano
(Castello di Stenico e Terme di Comano)
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Symbol of the power of the bishops of Trento, the castle of Stenico was a very important place for the government of the Giudicarie, while today it is a panoramic place of great charm. The building has medieval origins, while the prince bishops remodeled and expanded it to be... more

The magical Trieste
Where: Trieste

Trieste as well as being the capital of Friuli Venezia Giulia is a city rich in history and art. There are many buildings of great interest such as the Church of Sant'Antonio dating back to 1800 with its monumental columns in Greek style. Not far from here stands another... more

Palmanova, defense geometries
Where: Palmanova
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On the north side of the A4, almost 20 km south of Udine, there is a town that if at first glance it seems like all the others, it is sufficient to cross one of its three access gates, Porta Aquileia, Porta Udine and Porta Cividale, and follow some of its ways, to realize that... more

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