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Selected Lodgings in Italy

1 Offer
Hotel Terme Rosaleo
Casamicciola Terme (Naples)
is located near: Seaside thermal bath
1 Offer
Cavallino Lovely Hotel
Andalo (Trento)
is located near: ski facilities
1 Offer
Camping Le Soline
Murlo (Siena)
is located near: thermal bath
2 Offers
Hotel Atlantide
Venice (Venice)
1 Offer
holiday apartments
Villa Tresino
Castellabate (Salerno)
is located near: Seaside
bed and breakfast
Bed And Breakfast il Perugino
Cagliari (Cagliari)
holiday apartments
Appartamenti il Ventaglio
Lipari (Messina)
is located near: Seaside
Hotel Pompeo Residence
Castellabate (Salerno)
holiday home
Le Dimore di Daniela
Alliste (Lecce)
is located near: Seaside
holiday home
Zambrone (Vibo-Valentia)
is located near: Seaside
Hotel Sul Mare al Gabbiano
Vittoria (Ragusa)
is located near: Seaside
Appartamento e Monolocale
Milan (Milan)
Villaggio Camping la Pantera Rosa
Scalea (Cosenza)
is located near: Seaside
Hotel Village Eden
Capo Vaticano- Tropea
Tropea (Vibo-Valentia)
is located near: Seaside
holiday apartments
Le Case dei pescatori
Ponza (Latina)
is located near: Seaside
farm house
Il Colombaio
Montegabbione (Terni)
is located near: thermal bath
bed and breakfast
A Casa Simpatia
Rome (Rome)
is located near: Seaside the lake thermal bath ski facilities
holiday home
La Gran Becca
Antey Saint André (Aosta)
holiday apartments
Case Vacanze De Simone Salerno
Castellabate (Salerno)
holiday apartments
Residenza Miralago
Rimasco (Vercelli)
is located near: the lake

Things to do in Italy

In the heart of Pordenone
Where: Pordenone
culture   nature   useful information   

Pordenone is a beautiful town located in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, and is one of the most important cities in the region. The tour that is proposed to us in the video starts from the river behind the Church of SS. Trinity, it is from here that the city was built and expanded over... more

Calenzano Alto, between history and culture
Where: Calenzano (Calenzano Alto)
events    culture   nature   useful information   

A few km from Florence and Prato, we find the town of Calenzano, where it is possible to visit a splendid medieval village, Calenzano Alto. The small village is dominated by the Castle and the walls with Guelph towers and angular battlements still visible today. The layout has... more

Uniquely Capizzi
Where: Capizzi
events    wine and food   useful information   

Today in one of the two wonderful islands of Italy, in Sicily; more precisely in Capizzi, in the province of Messina. Capizzi is a small town in the Nebrodi park, at 1,100 meters above sea level. It is thought that its name means 'summit' because of its urban structure perched... more

The abandoned beach of Sant'Apollinare and the legend of the Villa of the Ghosts
Where: Brindisi (Villa dei fantasmi Brindisi)
nature   folklore   useful information   

Villa Skirmunt is a well-known building in the city of Brindisi called 'the villa of ghosts'. The villa has origins of the late nineteenth century, and is located on the beach of Sant'Apollinare. Today it is an abandoned ruin, but still clearly visible in the landscape. It was... more

Vigo di Fassa: flagship of the Dolomites for a holiday dedicated to peace and nature
Where: San Giovanni Di Fassa (Vigo di Fassa)
culture   nature   folklore   

Vigo di Fassa is a fraction of the municipality of San Giovanni di Fassa, in the heart of the Dolomites. The territory is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is one of the most important tourist places. It is visited for the possibility of hiking in summer, from here in fact we... more

The necropolis of Fossa.
Where: Fossa (Casale-Cave di pietra)

In 1992, during the excavation of foundations for an industrial building, mounds and underground chambers were found, which were found to be arranged on an area of 3500 square meters. The total number of tombs, countable in 500, belong to three main periods of attendance of the... more

The salt flats of Margherita di Savoia
Where: Margherita Di Savoia (Margherita di Savoia)

Margherita di Savoia is a small town of about 11,000 inhabitants in the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani. The town has changed its name several times over the centuries up to the current one towards the end of the 1800s in homage to the first queen of Italy. In its seabed... more

When wood becomes music.
Where: San Marino (Centro storico di San Marino città.)
events    culture   folklore   

The house of music is a place where every violinist can refer to try, evaluate or borrow violins with different sound souls. The violin has been a focus of research since 1500, when it was born in the Brescia luthier area. The type of wood, the workmanship and the width of the... more

The picturesque Saint Denis
Where: Saint Denis

Saint Denis is a small town in the Aosta Valley with a population of about 370 inhabitants. The town is characterized by the typical mountain dwellings of stone and wood and its economy is mainly based on agriculture and tourism. Here you can make beautiful excursions immersed... more

The natural beauties of Vigo di Fassa
(Vigo di Fassa)

Vigo di Fassa is a town in the province of Trento. As the name suggests, it is located in the center of the Val di Fassa and is surrounded by the Dolomites. This mountain range has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts thousands of visitors each year fascinated... more

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