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Vigo di Fassa: flagship of the Dolomites for a holiday dedicated to peace and nature

Where: san-giovanni-di-fassa
(Vigo di Fassa)
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Vigo di Fassa is a fraction of the municipality of San Giovanni di Fassa, in the heart of the Dolomites. The territory is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is one of the most important tourist places. It is visited for the possibility of hiking in summer, from here in fact we leave for the Catinaccio area, and for winter sports such as skiing and everything related to it. The place has a great tourist tradition, in fact there are many hotels and facilities for tourism for the whole family. Games, parks and ski schools, to be able to enjoy a holiday in the quiet of the mountain taking advantage of its hospitality. The hamlet was in the past the center of politics and religion in the Val di Fassa. Witness the Parish Church of San Giovanni Battista, which is located at the foot of the town of Vigo on the road that connected the various surrounding villages. The style is Alpine Gothic, with simple and elegant lines that stand out towards the sky. Another suggestive religious place is the small church of Santa Giuliana, protector of the valley, which is located upstream of the inhabited center. It is a place much loved by the citizens, also rich in art such as the cycle of frescoes that it houses dating back to 1400, among the most precious in Trentino. The area is also very rich in minerals, found over the years by climbers and geologists, and preserved in the Monzoni mineralogical museum. Another museum to visit is the Ladin Museum, which preserves the history and traditions of the area with clothes, objects and testimonies of the Ladin culture.

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