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Hotel Venice Beach Hvb34
Corso Europa N.34 - Bibione - San Michele Al Tagliamento (VE)

is located in a populated area near the sea next to thermal bath

The Vb34 Lifestyle hotel completely renovated in 2021 A large and bright hall, well-kept and welcoming spaces, tastefully furnished, an enchanting location 80 meters from the sea. Hotel Lifestyle Vb34 is an established reality in the hospitality scene in Bibione and its name echoes in the guests unforgettable stays, lived in complete relaxation. Managed for thirty years by the A family. The hotel stands out for its special, warm and friendly atmosphere, and for its ability to put everyone at ease even through a lot of small attentions.

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Swimming pool Overlooking the Sky Lifestyle Venice view
Sky Venice is a trendy and glamorous destination where fun and relaxation combine in a perfect mix to spend unforgettable moments between...

The property offers accommodation for a minimum of 1 nights and it has 127 bed places

( No Booking Fees )
Min.€. 120,00
Max.€. 180,00
Min.€. 180,00
Max.€. 250,00
Min.€. 240,00
Max.€. 300,00
Min.€. 300,00
Max.€. 380,00

Apartment A
Min.€. 400,00
Max.€. 500,00
Persons:4 max
Apartment B
Min.€. 450,00
Max.€. 550,00
Persons:5 max
Apartment C
Min.€. 500,00
Max.€. 600,00
Persons:6 max
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Distance from Hotel Venice Beach Hvb34 to:

(Using public transportation)
Seaside: 3 minutes
Railway Station: 30 minutes
Airport: 1 minutes

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