La Teresina Holiday Homes
holiday home
Via Casalnuovo - Matera (MT)

is located in a populated area

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The property offers accommodation for a minimum of 1 nights and it has 110 bed places

( No Booking Fees )
Min.€. 45,00
Max.€. 70,00
Min.€. 65,00
Max.€. 90,00
Min.€. 90,00
Max.€. 120,00
Min.€. 110,00
Max.€. 200,00

Apartment A
Min.€. 45,00
Max.€. 90,00
Persons:2 max
Apartment B
Min.€. 45,00
Max.€. 200,00
Persons:4 max
Apartment C
Min.€. 45,00
Max.€. 200,00
Persons:4 max
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Distance from La Teresina Holiday Homes to:

(Using public transportation)
Railway Station: 10 minutes
Airport: 60 minutes

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